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    Prince Yosef Ben Israel II,32* welcome you to this site, and he prayed that the MOST HIGH
ALMIGHTY will give you eyes to see and ears to hear, Spiritually!


     The first thing that we wanted you, the readers, to know is that this site is not here to down-grade or belittle anyone, group or organization.  Even though we know that many Pastors, Ministers, or scientist leaders are being mislead from the Truth of the ALMIGHTY.    whether it's self pride, or the weakness of just following the Devil's workshop. It has gotten this World into a total disbelieve in the ALMIGHTY and HIS Precious COVENANT ... SALVATION!
     Why this statement is made? because, even though those leaders of the spiritual arena, few know that the SABBATH Day of the ALMIGHTY is the Seven Day, Saturday.  They still call the first day, Sunday the Holy or Sabbath Day?
And with more confusion, they don't teach the truth about the Gentile of the so-called Churches.  They aren't Christians, but, "Gentiles of Faith".  They execute the ways of the Pagans with their Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  These special events or days have nothing to do with the ALMIGHTY and HIS COVENANT, period.  But, it's joy for the people of this World, and it shall be until the end of time. 

     In the book of Jeremiah 10:2-4, it states, "Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of Heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them." "For the customs of the heathen are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest with the axe, the labor of their hands of the workman." "The heathen deck it with silver and with  gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.


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      In the book of EXODUS 31:12-17, the MOST HIGH is telling Moses that the SABBATH is a Sign between HIM and the children of Israel ... not the Jews or Jewish, not the Christians (Gentiles of Fath), not the Mulsin ... but a Sign between HIM and the Chrildren of Israel ... the Hebrew Israelite.  IT is for a PERPETUAL COVENANT ... never ending or changing.  The Precious Covenant ... The SABBATH.

     The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY does have a Particular Nation of People, the Hebrew Israelite, not Jews or Jewish, but distinctly the Israelite.    And the reason why they are called the Hebrew Israelite, because, from the Seed of Abraham (the Hebrew), and from the Tribe of Jacob (12 sons), the Hebrew Israelite.  These are the Sons of Israel (Jacob) ... (1) Reuben the first born; (2) Simeon the second born; (3) Levi the third born; (4) Judah the forth born; (5) Issachar the fifth born; (6) Zebulum the sixth born; all six of these sons of Israel were borned from the Womb of Leah.  (7) Joesph the seven son; (8) Benjamin the eighth son; these two sons of Israel came from the Womb of Rachel.  (9) Dan the ninth son; (10) Naphtali   the tenth son of Israel which came from the Womb of Bilhah, the handmaid of Rachel.  (11) Gad the eleven son; (12)   Asher the twelve, these two sons from the Womb of Zilpah, Leah's handmaid.  The last son of Israel, Benjamin from his wife Rachel's Womb before her death.
     In the book of Isaiah, it explain that all Nations, or people that are calling themselves something else, or have founded their ways and means for their salvation, rather than the SALVATION'S Way of the MOST HIGH of ISRAEL  They shall not be in the Path-Way of SALVATION, which is the World that will never end ... "WORLD WITHOUT END, this is written in the Scripture... ISAIAH 29:11-16. .   Please read! 
    In The New Testament, The Book EPHESIANS 3:21 ... "Unto Him (Israelite or Gentiles) BeGlory
      All Souls that enter and receive the blessing of the ALMIGHTY by way of the Churches, in which HE, The ALMIGHTY, Have set up through YAHSHUA after the order of MELCHIZEDEK, though out the End of Time, World Ends, will be Blessed of SALVATION, to enter into ... "WORLD WITHOUT END."
     (NOTE): Just in cast anyone gets confused about these two websites that are before you, which is this one, #1.. "www.theworldwithoutend.com"... and the other, #2.."www.thelastcovenant.us".  I have stated before, I'm working on these sites as of today.  As it may be, there're a lot of Spiritual informations that need to be seen and know about that are not being taught or heard about in the churches or Spiriitual arena.  Therefore, I, Prince Yosef Ben Israel II, 32* of the Tribe of Judah, an Israelite from the House or Tritb of Israel, do not/will not lie explaining, from my Spiritual Consciousness, as I see and understand.  As I do believe from my Soul that these Spiritual Insights were ... are/is Coming from the Higher Source around, ... The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY ... ELOHIM ELSHIDIA, period!

     The topics or titles of subjects that I will be speaking or discussing about or on are listed here below;

     We want to bring to your, the Readers, attention concerning the Chosen People of the MOST HIGH ... the Hebrew Israelite, (Not Jews nor Jewish) and those that are not chosen but are selected, the Gentiles of Faith, who are calling themselves .. Christians, as of today.
     Please don't get bent out of shape, loose control of self because lack of understanding or by being mislead?  It will not get anyone closer to the ALMIGHTY by being ...mislead.  As it states in the book of Hosea 4:6 "MY People Are Destoryed For Lack Of Knowledge.
     The first question that should be ask is ... WHY WERE WE MISLEAD? ... The answer is ... in the book of
Ezekiel 28:16-19, here is where the MOST HIGH Pronounce the First Judgement and the First Capital Punishment, and all of this happen in that First World.  V-16; "By  The Multitude (The mass of ordinary people without power or influence.) Your   (Lucifer)  Merchandise "  (Trade or traffic in something inappropriate .. SIN.)  "They Have Filled The Midst Of You With Violence,  (Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill.) "And You Has Sinned: "Therefore,  (YAHOVAH) Will Cast You As Profane (Not sacred) Out Of The Mountain Of ELOHIM: (GOD)  And, I Will Destroy You, O Covering Cherub, (Angel) From The Midst Of The Stones Of Fire."   (The midst of this Fire from the MOST HIGH, no Soul can or will be able to comprehend the depth of it's endeavor.  Because, it won't be made or produce by Mankind but the Source of Judement from the MOST HIGH.)

     I will now bring forth my Spiritual Consciousness in order to explain why this World and its Universe or Cosmos are Doom or is Destory already ... only by the Will and Promise of the MOST HIGH.
     When the ALMIGHTY Pronounced the Death sentence upon Lucifer, Ezekiel 28:16, and, In verse 17, "And I Will Lay You (Lucifer) "Before Kings, That They May Behold You. This verse of 17 means that all Souls, even Kings that takes on any iniquity of Satan , are subject to the Death Punishment of Satan , Period!
     But ... Because of the Mercy and Grace of the MOST HIGH, and HIS Promise to HIMSELF and HIS Creation, ... in the Book of Psalms 148:5-6, "Let Them (All HIS Creations) Praise The Name Of YAHOVAH: "fOR HE Commanded, And They Were Created." V-6; "HE Had Also Stablished Them (All of HIS Creations) Forever and Ever; "HE Had Made A Decree (A Judgment, an Order or Decision) "Which Shall Not Pass."   This is why the World Without End will be the continuation of that First World ... without the principle or the inquity of Satan, period.

     Now, to put the book of Ezekiel and the book of Psalms together in order  to make a Spiritual connection, by the Grace of the MOST HIGH, it shall be done!
     First we must understand that those Living Being, those that lived in that First World ... The World of Lucifer. ... didn't suppose to die the Physical Death.  Why not?  In the Book of Psalms 148 1:13, it let us know that the ALMIGHTY Created all Things to PRAISE HIM, Period.  Even though the iniquity was found in one of HIS Creature ... The purpose now is to put the iniquity, and its sources out of the way,  that the continuation of the First World, The Promise, The Decree, The Comandment of the MOST HIGH will be.

     When the ALMIGHTY found the iniquity in Lucifer, no other Creation of the MOST HIGH knew about It.  Some of the Creation, including Angels, just follow Lucifer because he was beautiful with power.  Therefore, those Creation of the ALMIGHTY, just follow Lucifer because of blindness or weakness from just being ... itself.
     Therefore, the ALMIGHTY had to destory that first World of the Living Being, and let Lucifer and his following Angels survived that First World of destruction.  Because, that First World was  contaminated by ways of Lucifer.  And Lucifer and his followers must be in the Second and This Third World, so that his (Lucifer) principles and iniquities will be seen and executed by the Living Souls.( Isaiah 43:1-7) & (Isaiah 46:13).   The survival time on this Earth for Satan and his following Angels, is for him (Satan) to expedite his principles into the Living Souls ... That Time of The MOST HIGH. 
     EXPLANATION of ROMANS 11:24-27; ... V:24; "If the Israelite did departed from their Path-Way  of SALVATION, and were brought back in because of Hearing and Faith, how much Pleased is the ALMIGHTY by Way of YAHSHUA."  V:26; "SALVATION is setup by the ALMIGHTY, by way of Israel, through YAHSHUA after the Order of MELCHIZEDEK.  Even the lost Israelite (Jacob) that had been lost amounng the Gentiles, or had been most rebellious against the MOST HIGH Words by way of YAHSHUA, will find their Nature path-way of SALVATION.  Even the none chosen Nations ... The Gentiles of Faith, .. Not calling themselves Christians .., but has joined in the Faith, (ISRAEL) which the ALMIGHTY had set up by way of YAHSHUA after the Order of MELCHIZEDEK, before the Foundation of the Worlds.
     This is why in the book of Revelation 20:3; "And (YAHSHUA) Cast Him (Lucifer) Into The Bottomless Pit, And Shut Him Up, And Set A Seal Upon Him, That He Should Deceive The Nations No More, (The Nation of that First World) Until The Thousand Years Should Be Fulfilled: " And After That He Must Be Loosed A Little Season." 
      ( Loosed A Little Season)" means that the iniquities of Lucifer, Year by Years, Season by Seasons will  be executed and seen by ways of the Living Souls, or ALL of the CREATIONS of the ALMIGHTY. 
      Satan, once incarcerated, will be, or HAD BEEN let loose, after that Thousand Years by the ONE Who Holds the KEY, CHAIN and SEALS (YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) .. In order for Satan to inflect, or influence the weak Living Souls of this Earth, time after times, or Season after Season.  Due to the fact that those of the First World, as those of these last Two Worlds, ... " The World of Adam", and " The World of Noah," whose Name are in the "LAMB Book Of LIFE" will be the Judges of Satan and his followers.   
     Before I proceed in explaning , "The Reality of Christianity," I will have to explain ... "SALVATION."
IT was set up by the MOST HIGH, HIMSELF, with the Two Principles or More, The High Priest, In HIM-
SELF,  MELCHIZEDEK ... and The Shedding of HIS Blood, of HIMSELF, by  YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST).  This Plan, which is Precious with HIM, for a Particular People or Nation, (PSALMS 148:14) ... The Nation of Israel, the Hebrew Israelite, was and is today, still for HIS Precious Covenant, SALVATION.
     When the ALMIGHTY, by way of YAHSHUA, in the Second World,  BUT,  BEFORE Adam and Eve ...HE let loose Lucifer from the Bottomless Pit after those  Thousand Years .. Rev.20:7-8, now known as the   Devil or Satan .  HE, The ALMIGHTY, had to set a Plan, (SALVATION) because of the Judgement which was yet to happen for Satan and his followers.  But for those Being ... of the First World ... that follow YAHSHUA, durning those thousand years of Lucifer's punishment.  They Lived and Reigned (To hold ROYAL Office) Rev.20:4 & 6, with YAHSHUA those Thousand Years.

           What is a  Christian or  Christianity? and WHERE DID IT                   COME FROM?                      

      Please remember that I'm not here writing to underdog, belittle anyone, or trying to make myself look strong.  I am here writing to open the Spiritual Eyes and Ears of those who the ALMIGHTY has given to See and Hear HIS Words.
     In the Book of ACTS 11:26, the last one or two sentences, it states; "And The Disciples Were Called   CHRISTIANS First At Antioch".
     This is the first and only time in Scripture that this Title (Christians) were heard or given to any Hebrew Israelite, from the mouth of a Gentile ... and its meaning, strictkly from the Gentiles tongue to the Hebrew Israelite, the Disciples is totally in an agreement with the Gentiles or those who holds no knowledge about the Scriptures.  But, the true knowledge about  Christianity or a  Christian is that it didn't arrived from YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST), nor from the mind or tongue of a Hebrew Israelite.  Never-the-less, it grew not far from the ROOT  of the TREE, or from the Family of SALVATION ... Israel.  

     Most of the Gentile of Faith believe that a Christian is one who is SAVE? ... But they don't know from what or how?  Also, they believe that if one love and have the Faith, they are a Christian.  Or, if one attends to a building, which they call it ... the Church and worship together .. he is a Christian.  Or, believe and love everybody, as they believe YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) Loved .. they are a Christian.
     There-a-way, or thereby ... Christianity developes ... and it's nowhere in the Scripture nor the Bible.
     Readers, have you heard about "The Christian Canon."  Guess which nation made this up? 
That's right .. the Gentiles!
     This is a long story, but please look up and read for yourself.  "The Christian Canon", and see why we all have been bomboozled.​  Therefore, from the book of II Timothy 2:15 , it states, "Study To Show Yourself ..."

     Basically,  Christians is a name of a title that were given to the Hebrew Israelite that were following YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST), period.  In other words, YAHSHUA chose and taught them to be HIS Disciples ... to teach to the  LOST NATION of ISRAEL,  . .St. MATTHEW 10:5-7.
     Then St. Saul (St. Paul) came along after the Death of YAHSHUA, and was Ordain by the MOST HIGH, by ways of the Principles of YAHSHUA, to teach in all Nations of the Gentiles, where the Lost Nation of Israel would be. 
     Also, there was St. Peter who was Ordain by the MOST HIGH by ways of the Principles of YAHSHUA, to accept and to teach the Gentiles into this House of SALVATION ... Israel. 
      Therefore, those Gentiles of Faith, who were followers as well, couldn't call the Disciples Brethern, Kinsmen, or Saints as the Hebrew Israelite even the Disciples and YAHSHUA were calling each other.
Therefore, the Gentiles of Faith made up the title and name ...  CHRISTIANS.  THE ACTS 11:26.  ... Thereby, the Gentiles of Faith now feel connected, Spiritually.

     In the Book of Romans 11:11-27 is very much insteresting toward, manily, the Gentiles of Faith.  Why? ... Because, I believe that if they knew this part of themselves, as not being a Christian, but Gentiles of Faith, they would have a better understanding concerning the Covenant of SALVATION.   And to add to that, Spiritually, from the book of Psalm 25:14, "The Secret Of YAHOVAH Is With Them That Fear HIM; And HE Will Show Them HIS Covenant."   The COVENANT of SALVATION.
     " With Them That Fear HIM." Meaning, that even the Gentiles of Faith, that are faulty in calling themselves Christian.  They will have to see themselves as not, but be able to see and understand this Percious Covenant (SALVATION) of the MOST HIGH.  Even be able to know, or have a Spiritual understanding about the High Preast, MELCHIZEDEK ...


     Before the New Covenant, the ALMIGHT had only One Nation and a selected few Gentiles to received the Path-Way of Salvation, by way of HIS Mercy and Grace... ISAIAH 56:1-7 & ROMANS 11:11-27.  
     But here in the New Covenant, the Covenant of YAHSHUA.  This is where the final Words of the MOST HIGH by ways of HIMSELF through the Soul or Flesh of Mankind ...YAHSHUA & MELCHIZEDEK will be Heard and Expedited.
     In the book of ACTS 10:9-15, here we see that the ALMIGHTY has chosen the Gentiles into the House of Israel ... the SALVATION, by way of St. Peter.
     In the same book of ACTS 9:1-16.  Here the ALMIGHTY is giving St. Saul (Paul) the Spiritual Credential to know and to Teach to HIS Nation (Israel), and anyother nation, concerning SALVATION.
     Why did the ALMIGHTY added the Gentiles into the Path-Way of SALVATION ... according to the Scriptures?  The Answer ... ROMANS 11:1-36. 
     You may wonder, how or why did all of this confusion concerning Salvation came to be?   From reading my point of view, it is confusion.  Because, most of you having been taught or don't have a understanding  about the High Priest ... MELCHIZEDEK!  Because, the Gentile of Faith (Christians) Teachers or Ministers didn't have the Spiritual understanding concerning the MOST HIGH'S Plan about HIS Pericious Covenant ... SALVATION, to teach it Spiritually!  W ithout this High Priest MELCHIZEDEK, there would not have been Salvation for any Soul.  In other words, the present of YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) on this Earth would not had been, period.
     Therefore, Satan's deciples, those that are affiliated within the christianity arena, or some spiritual orgainization that are ruling or executing the power of darkness over other.

            To be continue; Prince Yosef Ben Israel II, 32*



         Prince Yosef Ben Israel II, with a 32* and a X-member ot the Imperial Council; E,A,O,N,M,S.  He is truly a Spiritual man, and was called (SPIRITUALLY) to let it be known the Spiritual Words of the ALMIGHTY.  He remembers the time he was in his mother's womb, and as he was exiting her, he said he saw dim white lights and white upright dressed figures.  They were the doctor and nurses waiting to help exit him from his mother's womb, as he was told by his mother at the age of thirty-five.
Prince Yosef also rememeber, in his younger years, that he used to talk Scripture with his sisters and friends, and they would enjoy listening to him as well as letting him be their Spiritual advisor.
At the age of twenty-seven (27), that special night with two of his friends talking and drinking wine and beer.  As he was talking to them about the MOST HIGH, (GOD).  Even though he was talking Scripture or Spiritual with them, he also was learning from the messages that were coming out of his mouth.  When finished, he sat down and were amazed from the messages that had come from his month.
Today, as a man and an x-member of the "Imperial Council of Penn." (Shriner), an x-member of the so-called Christian Churches, such as; the Baptist, The Catholic, the Pentecostal Churches, also visited  and listened to the so-called Jehovah's Witnesses, visited and study shortly with the Muslims in their place of worship or gathering, and even other organization of churches, including the Jew's Synagogue.  He, Prince Yosef II learned much toward the knowledge of himself and of mankind, but as a Hebrew Israelite, and from the Tribe of Judah, his natural birth right, his culture, he learned much toward the Spiritual World (Life-style) with the MOST HIGH.  
He also is learning that this World is very much deceived by Satan and his disciples which have worked themselves deeply into the soul of mankind, including mainly, the places of worship.

His book, "THE WORLD WITHOUT END" which he believes that the MOST HIGH gave him the Spiritual Knowledge to write, was published in July, 2011.  He states that he have learned much from writing this book, even the Spiritual Knowledge of the High Priest MELCHIZEDEK, which mainly includes the ALMIGHTY'S PRECIOUS COVERANT ... SALVATION!

I Prince Yosef Ben Israel II Pray that you, the readers, will read these pages that I have put before you, which the ALMIGHTY gave me ... these Spiritual Knowledge concerning HIS PRECIOUS COVERANT, even the HIGH PRIEST MELCHIZIDEK.  And HE, MELCHIZEDEK is ONE of the TWO that the MOST HIGH did by HIMSELF to establish this PRECIOUS COVERANT.

There is One Thing that the Christian or Spiritual arenas are not teaching or make it to be known about the HIGH PRIEST, MELCHIZEDEK.  It is giving to me, and not that I"m better or more Spiritual than any-other Soul on this Earth.  But perhaps, it's that I'm a traveling man for Spiritual Truth.
Never-the-less, this HIGH PRIEST, MELCHIZEDEK should be well known as the SAVIOR, YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST).
It is not easily to get to know about this HIGH PRIEST.  To me, it took meditation of Prayers, tears of knowing about the events of this World and the Souls within, even putting the words of the Scriptures together in order to understand the Precious Covenant of the ALMIGHTY, ... SALVATION!  And all of this is not or wasn't done by self, Prince Yosef Ben Israel II, but by the Grace, Mercy and Blessing from the MOST HIGH, period.
In another section of this site, as It was given to me, I will write the Life, or reason why HE came to this doomed World, this HIGH PRIEST,  MELCHIZEDEK of The MOST HIGH.

But first let me tell you about this ordeal I had to go through in order to rewrite or redo this web-site ... "THE WORLD WITHOUT END."
I knew that so many religious organization, personal or otherwise didn't wanted this site to be seen or hear about, nether  my book.  The question is ... how do I know?  The answer was here in fromt of me ... my site and the website.  The web-builder that I started, some six (6) years ago, they made it difficult for me to move forward developing this site.  As a matter of fact, they even shut-down that particular section of development.
Never-the-less, my mind is to move forward, Spiritually, in order to deliver these Words which the ALMIGHTY gave to me to do, period.
The topics (12) which I'll be explaining or writing about are listed below and, you, the Readers can respond back with your question or adjectives.  I'II be happy to reply.

  (1) "YAHSHUA; The IMMANUEL; The JESUS CHRIST; The SAVIOR:/ (2) About the Author, "Prince Yosef Ben Israel II, 32*:  (3) Contact The Writer , "Prince Yosef Ben Israel II, 32*: (4) The ONly HOLY And SANCTIFIED DAY: (5) The LIFE Of The HIGH PRIEST, MELCHIZEDEK: (6) Hebrew 9:22 ... "WITHOUT SHEDDING OF BLOOD, THERE IS NO REMISSION OF SIN.":  (7) The Reality Of Christianity:  (8) The Acceptance of the Gentiles Into The House of SALVATION:  (9) Muhammad and The Angel GABRIEL at Mount Hira (a few miles from Mecca): (10) "LEVITICUS 18: 22" & "ROMANS 1:26-27," The Abomination Of Sex: (11) MARRIAGE ... A Man & A Woman: (12) "Your Health Page: ....

​ (To be contnue) 3/29/2017  


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